4 Reasons Why Toilet Cleanliness Should Never Be Ignored

Public toilets that are both clean and well-maintained play a key aspect in the overall public health in Singapore. In condominiums, the sight of public restrooms is a norm that is often used by residents after an intense workout or a relaxing swim.

With numerous people using the restroom frequently, these facilities can become unclean after a short while unless industry-based hygiene standards are practised.

The importance of clean public toilets

Among the public, it’s a well-known fact that toilets are the epicentre of germs in both workplaces and residential areas. Due to the warm and humid environment, toilets are a hotbed for the growth of microorganisms that are invisible to our naked eye. In a 2019 observational study done on washroom cleanliness, many types of pathogens (an organism that causes diseases) can linger and survive on the surfaces for weeks or months.

However, hiring the right commercial cleaning company to handle the cleaning and disinfecting of toilets can be an excellent first step to achieving a satisfactory level of sanitation. Here’s how you can benefit from excellent toilet maintenance.

1. Curb the spread of germs

Even though it’s almost impossible to eliminate the presence of microbes, regular cleaning and sanitisation can reduce the risk of catching unpleasant bacteria. For example, influenza can be highly contagious as it can spread from one person to another or via contacted surfaces. Adding on, the constant exposure to water encourages microorganisms to thrive in moist areas like the sink, sink faucets, and others.

2. Reduces smelly odours

Restrooms are where people go to relieve themselves, so these public facilities don’t smell like all clean and fresh naturally. Also, some take showers after a satisfying session at the sports and wellness facilities. So, it’s natural for unpleasant odours to come up now and then. But it can be minimised by hiring a condo cleaning service provider that practices with proper cleaning products while adhering to industry-based standards and the toilet cleaning schedule.

3. Leaves a good impression

In Singapore, the cleaning of toilets is tracked based on a cleaning schedule. As it’s disinfected multiple times a day, it means that you’re keeping your restroom at its best on top of keeping them tidy. To residents and visitors, it shows that you care about cleanliness in the building as well as their wellbeing.

4. Maintains ideal condition of toilet elements

In most shared facilities, dirt can build up visibly like grit, rust, moulds and others. These can cause the toilets, sinks, floorings and other elements to stain and wear out quickly. Meanwhile, these factors contribute to an unsightly-looking toilet. With periodic inspections, potential damage can be reduced and even spotted at its early stages. Hence, informed actions can be taken to prevent mishaps from happening at the last minute.


A clean toilet encourages proper use on top of promoting good public health. Regular maintenance is not an option to overlook, but a necessity in the cleaning process, especially during COVID-19. If you require workplace or residential cleaning services, do contact us for a consultation. Depending on your needs and toilet traffic, our cleaning specialists will work with you to work out a cleaning frequency and schedule that is unique to your restrooms. Overall, having a high and thoughtful consideration of hygiene standards reflects well on you, giving an overall good impression of the area of residence.

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