4 Types Of Flowers That’s Ideal To Congratulate Someone With

When someone we know celebrates an achievement, or passes a new milestone, flowers are one of the best and most convenient ways to congratulate them. With many florists in Singapore offering flower delivery to your doorstep, it has been more accessible than ever to send flowers.

However, with a myriad of flowers available and each having a different significance, a prevalent dilemma many find themselves in is not knowing which flowers to send when congratulating someone. Well, fret not! Read on to learn which flowers are apt for congratulating someone on various special occasions.

Are they graduating?

A significant milestone in everyone’s life is graduation. It is a celebration of their hard work and effort and signifies moving on to the next phase in their life.

For such an event, lilies and tulips are the perfect flowers to send. A bright bouquet of lilies and tulips best expresses your congratulations on such a triumphant and jubilant occasion.

When considering lilies, orange lilies are preferred for graduations since they are known to signify confidence, passion and strength – all of which are present in a student’s educational journey!

Happy engagement! 

The most common flowers sent to congratulate someone on their engagement are white roses. This flower represents innocence and purity, which explains why it’s a popular choice of decoration for many brides-to-be.

White roses are also a mark of new beginnings. For this reason, they are the go-to flowers to send in celebration of when a person is about to embark on a new journey with their partner.

Congrats on the new job!

Nothing feels better than getting the job you have always dreamt of. Sending over yellow roses would undoubtedly add to their eagerness to begin their new career.

Being sent a bouquet of bright roses would put a smile on the face of anyone. It symbolises friendship and joy and is ideal for showing your close friends that you are proud of their career advancement.

Flowers for babies

When someone you know has a baby, it’s best to send over some flowers and your best wishes. For the birth of a baby, there are loads of bouquet and flower options you can pick from.

It would be beneficial to know of the baby’s gender as you can gift a more gender-specific gift and make the occasion more personal and memorable.

For a baby boy, you can opt for flowers with a more blue tint like blue hydrangea. To make the bouquet pop out more, you can add a mix of cream coloured roses for contrast, giving the gift a more sophisticated look.

For a baby girl, flowers that have accents of pink or purple would be perfect. You could go for a mixed bouquet of bright coloured lilies and gerberas. Their vibrant colours and scent would serve as an apt gift of love and reassurance to the new parents!


With the sentiment and value flowers as gifts hold, this is indeed the most favourable way to either show admiration or to congratulate a person on their achievements.

In the occasion that you are not too confident about the type of flowers to gift someone, it’s best to reach out and speak to a florist in Singapore. They would give you tips and suggestions on gifting a bouquet that will leave a lasting impression on the receiver.

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