5 Flower Decoration Ideas For Your Wedding That In Trend

Are you trying to plan the floral decorations of your wedding? If so, staying on top of all wedding trends can be difficult. When it comes to choosing the perfect flower decorations for your wedding, you should know which one to go for. With so many flower decorations to choose from and a range of changing trends, it can be difficult to choose one that is the best for your wedding.

If you’re tired of scrolling through social media pages and flicking through wedding magazines, you’re at the right place. Here are the top current wedding flower decoration trends to help you choose the perfect floral arrangement and brighten your wedding!

1. The taller the better

Fresh flower arrangements that trail from the ceiling to the floor is one of the top trends of wedding flower decorations. These arrangements use strong stemmed branches as support, along with an array of fresh flowers surrounding it. This arrangement creates a dripping bloom effect that is gorgeous when placed in corners or focal points.

The ceiling-to-floor floral arrangement creates the illusion of a hanging garden, ultimately creating an intimate wedding atmosphere.

2. Add lighting

A gorgeous display of flowers can be further enhanced with the addition of shimmering lights. For table decorations, the addition of scented candles in Singapore can provide variety and all-round beauty.

The combination of floral and lights can ultimately create a beautifully romantic and intimate atmosphere. Don’t worry about having too many candles or lights as the current floral decoration trend is all about having more of each!

3. Placement

When it comes to fresh flower arrangements in Singapore, they are commonly placed in the centre of the table. If you are looking to spruce up your wedding decorations, then you can go above and beyond with the normal amount of floral decorations and bouquets.

Some ideas for out-of-the-box arranges include having flowers draped over the edges of tables, or on sides of chairs, ceiling beams, and other furniture pieces. With some creativity, you can find new and exciting locations to place these large blooms and garlands.

4. Walls galore

The ultimate wedding flower decoration trend currently is to create a wall of flowers. This wall can either be free-standing or placed as a photo backdrop piece, usually behind the main table of the bridal couple.

Be adventurous and add any amount of coloured flowers in abundance! You can even place words signifying your marriage that is either made of cut out wood or neon light tubing to enhance the flower piece.

5. Loose flowers

Rather than going for traditional fresh flower arrangements from Singapore, you can opt for a non-traditional choice with extremely modern loose flower décor. Instead of using towering bouquets, you can use flowers with or without their stems and arrange them on the borders of the table. You can even add in loose petals from roses, or other fresh flowers to fill in these empty spaces.

The current wedding flower decoration trend is all about being bold and beautiful. You can add pops of rich burgundy to softer pinks, whites, and yellows to create an ultimately modern appeal.


The current trend of wedding flower decoration also incorporates an eco-conscious mindset. A few other flower decoration trends include adding florals to your hair, using floral as confetti, and sending out your invitations on handmade natural paper!

Do remember that all weddings in Singapore are currently restricted to a maximum of 20 guests due to safe distancing measures. Thus, you should keep that in mind when planning for your wedding. Apart from that, you can incorporate any of the above-mentioned favourites, and remember to order your flower bouquet delivery early!

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