Event Photography: What Are The Options?

When people speak of event photography, they’re often speaking of professional, freelance photographers who roam around the event. These people capture the key highlights of the event, such as the Guest-of-Honour’s speech or the cutting of the wedding cake. Often, these pictures will be later used for marketing and publicity purposes by the event organiser, so it is important that they come out presentable and imbued with a message. While these common event photographers are the staple for any good event, they are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to event photography options available. Besides the normal event photographers, there are also other types of event photography services, such as the instant photo booth and the roving photography in Singapore. Each service is unique and offers different advantages for the event organiser. In this article, we’ll explore how these newer instant print event photography services can contribute to the success of your event.

Instant photo booth – where your guests come first

The common type of event photography often focuses on what happens on stage and the VIPs. After all, the photographers are right to be concerned about whether they can get good collateral for the event organiser. In the photos delivered, guests often get left out or fade into the background to make way for the more important people – the bride and groom, the VIPs, or the birthday boy. When they look back at the event’s photos, they might not even spot themselves in there.

This is where the instant photo booth truly shines. It is a good complement to typical event photography, as it puts your guests’ experience at the forefront. With an instant photo booth, guests may step inside and pose for a photo with their closest friends. Then, they will receive a printout of their photograph in less than a minute.

This photo printout will be decorated with a design that is fully customisable. It is the design that will help guests remember the fun time they had at the event! Adorn it with the title of the event or various other decorations such as logos, digital stickers and clipart. At Cloud Booth, our team of experienced in-house designers will help you come up with the best design for your pictures.

Do rent a photo booth if you feel your event would benefit from a fun social activity or if you would like to provide a souvenir for everyone attending. Photo booths are especially popular for events celebrating a person’s milestone in life, such as a birthday party or a wedding, as everyone would certainly want pictures with the key people hosting the party!

Roving photographer – the ultimate convenience for all guests

One drawback to the photo booth is that guests will have to line up physically outside the booth before their pictures are taken. If the photo booth is very popular, guests may have to spend a fair amount of time queueing up. The easy solution to this problem is known as the roving photographer. With this revolutionary service, guests can have their pictures taken and printed without having to travel across the large ballroom! Instead, a roving photographer will go around the different tables at the event, asking guests whether they would like to have their pictures taken. Then, these photos are sent digitally to a photo editor, then to the printer. Guests may then pick up their pictures as they are exiting the event venue.

Roving photographers are ideal for events where there is a large event space, such as banquets and Dinner & Dance events. Guests will not have to fumble their way throughout the hall to have their picture taken. It is also great if guests have to go to the event in a formal dress code, as guests may not be as mobile then. Do consider a roving photographer for your event if the conditions match!

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