Five Methods To Deal With The Noise From Your Air Con

If you have an air conditioner in your home or live near one, then the irritating noise from its operation is not something new to you. A new device, to be more precise, has more noise. But this is dependent on various factors including the makeup and design of the equipment. Modern AC’s are being manufactured with this in mind, hence the reduced noises when operating. However, if you are still stuck with a model of air con that produces a lot of noise, then it would be wise to try and rectify it.

What is the source of noise in most AC’s?

Most air cons in the past generated a lot of noise interference whenever they were starting up and even as they operated. Thanks to technological advancements, these noises have been cut down by a great extent, but not entirely so. You will still notice the buzzing fans and the sound of the condenser unit, which can still be quite irritating. In a nutshell, the following are some of the critical areas where noise is produced in a running air conditioner unit:

  • Startup of the device.
  • Vibrating parts of the device.
  • Indoor fans located in the device.
  • Outdoor parts of the device.
  • The compressor.

Although replacing an air con would be a great option to deal with the constant noises disturbing you, it is not the best option since it might end up costing you more. Furthermore, you cannot be assured that the new unit will have no noises at all. The following innovative approaches might make a difference in your home and reduce the noise pollution emitted by your air con:

Using mounts

The use of mounting tools and devices to minimize noises in air cons is something that has gained momentum, and many homeowners are beginning to appreciate the innovation. These materials used for mounting are placed in such a manner that they reduce the force of the running condenser and compressor.

Picking the right air con compressor

The loudest noise produced by your air con device comes from this part. This is the part that you need to carefully check on in order to bring down the noises that come from the device. Manufacturers of air conditioner units have started modifying compressors to work with reduced noise pollution. This is attributed to the insulation technology that is applied to the compressor so that its noise is muffled. This does not affect the performance of the unit or the safety of the device. Therefore, you can either replace the compressor or buy a unit with a modified one.

Make use of a sound blanket

The use of a sound blanket for your air con is to absorb the sound that comes from it—thus ensuring that you are not affected by frequent noises.

Have a noise-reducing fence installed

This is not a complicated thing to do as all you need is an ordinary wooden fence that will deflect the noise emanating from your air con unit. The fence shouldn’t be lower than the outdoor unit of the device. Also, you should make sure it isn’t placed too close to the entire unit for ventilation purposes.

Check on the fan

The fan is yet another part that makes a lot of noise on the unit. Modern air cons have modified fans that reduce the amount of noise produced during operation.

For most of these modifications and repairs, you will need help from professionals who are experienced in aircon servicing. If it’s been a long time since you last had maintenance for your air con, it might be time for an aircon chemical overhaul. Be sure to find an aircon servicing package in Singapore so that you can deal with the noises that are a bother to your family’s quiet time and relaxation.

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