How Physics Is Associated with Various Different Subjects

Over the past century, physics and science, in general, have changed considerably. They came out of its cloisters into an integrated relationship with other disciplines, including technology, ethics, politics, and several other subjects. Physics itself has also evolved into different branches that collectively comprise the older physics discipline. But what is the connection between physics and other subjects?

1. Physics And Philosophy

Philosophy has always had a significant influence on physics than commonly assumed. In philosophy, for example, the logic in physics tuition deals with interpretational issues in modern physics, which largely overlaps with the research done by theoretical physicists. Philosophy comprises all the conceptual and physical sciences through its attention to metaphysics. There is also an overlap between physics and philosophy; the subject of logic is considered to be part of philosophy.

On the other hand, logic is taught in rhetoric and maths, as well as other disciplines. Physicists also record observations and invent theories while philosophers talk about these theories and observations. This relation signifies a close connection.

2. Physics And Mathematics

Over the centuries, mathematics has turned out to be a crucial language that enables physicists to describe their world. It goes without mentioning that physics is heavily dependent on mathematics. Concepts such as planetary motions, electromagnetic fields, and atomic models may not be explained without a mathematical inclusion. Increasingly, pure mathematics and physics are getting even closely intertwined, although their methods remain unique. Soon, almost all physics concepts will be expressed mathematically, and this will necessitate a solid grasp of these concepts. Such complex theories are understandably difficult to grasp especially if these theories are first introduced in JC institutions. Which is why it is best to receive help by taking JC Physics Tuition early on.

3. Physics And History

While history is more often than not disregarded in the study of physics, it has a close connection to inquiries related to physics through the documentation of subject matter and theory over time. Also, famous scientific figures throughout history often serve as prominent examples for young and future physicists.

Groundbreaking physic theories cannot be taught without naming the prominent historical figures that brought them to life, for example, Newton and his discovery of gravity. Physics and history go hand in hand as history marks the period when essential discoveries and advances were made in the field of physics. Even though exploring history textbooks may sound an absurd way to advance science, it is crucial to consider that history involves theories, ideas, and equations that form the basis of future improvements and, ultimately, the advancement of physical concepts.

4. Physics And Technology

Physics and technology are closely linked and almost inseparable. Physics is the fundamental principle of virtually every technology we have in the world today. As technology progresses, physics will play even more; we want more efficient aeroplanes, car engines, and trains, every aspect of these technologies entails basic rules of physics.


There’s no doubt that the relationship between physics and other disciplines is a reciprocal one. Just as technology depends on physics for fresh, practical innovations, physics cannot progress without the use of modern techniques and instrumentation. Basic research in physics is dependent on a range of things and disciplines. Although slow, there is a growing recognition within the physics community of the responsibility of physicists to the society and the consequences of their work on other disciplines.

Such acknowledgement may not be as apparent, especially when the education system has segmented each pedagogy into its separate categories, especially with the streaming in secondary three. However, it is essential for students to be aware of the symbiotic relationship between all subjects and appreciate them as a whole. This is, however, hard if the said student does not understand the materials taught and thus, feel demoralized because of it. Therefore, to prevent this, sign up for Physics tuition meant for Secondary Three  students and take hold of that elusive passion!

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