How To Make Up For Having Your Staff Give Up On A Holiday

It can be quite stressful for some employees to work throughout the holidays, especially when some of their family members are at home and want to spend some much-needed time with them. Even though this is true, a lot of companies have to keep working.

In case you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where most of your employees call in sick just to spend more time with their families then you have to be smart about how you treat them during the holiday season.

You can be different and make coming to work fun for them by:

Incorporating costumes on specific days

Even if your company’s dress code is strictly professional, you can set aside a day when they can all come in dressed in fun and creative ways. This will give them something to look forward to and make the environment more relaxed. Your clients will also find it amusing and be in a relaxed mood as well. You can set themes to follow each time.

Give them a treat

During holidays, you can have a table in the office with a spread of treats for the employees to enjoy. When you are organizing a spread make sure that you cater to everybody’s needs. Have treats that can be consumed by diabetics, vegetarians and people who don’t consume dairy products as well.

Don’t forget the ones who have sweet teeth. Such a spread of treats can make the staff look forward to going to work even if it’s during the holidays.

Throw a party

Who doesn’t love a party? You can make the office fun by throwing a party for the employees during the holiday season. Have it decorated according to the holiday theme and let them enjoy themselves. You should provide enough food and drinks for everyone. You can have some alcohol for the people who prefer it. Make it better by allowing the staff to come with their spouses or children to the party. Have some music and let them dance the night away.

 Plan breaks for them

You can make an advanced plan on how your employees can take turns in taking breaks so that they all have some time to spend with their families. Different people have different needs so talk with them and come up with a plan that everyone will appreciate. If there are some staff members who prefer or have morning activities planned with their families, then you can organize a way of giving them that time off and the others afternoons off. This has to be well planned so that the business doesn’t suffer. Such a break might mean a lot to them and they will work harder without complain afterwards.

You can give them holiday gifts as well, it doesn’t have to be something expensive like a car but let it be something that is meaningful such as safety gifts for employees which can convey your concern for their well-being.  To make things easier for yourself, look towards corporate gifts wholesale and purchase your gifts in a bulk. You’ll be making your staffs’ day and saving money as well.

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