Joyful Birthday Decorations For Memorable Birthday Parties

So, you have a friend or family member whose birthday is fast approaching and it’s up to you to plan the party. How will you make it memorable?

Keep in mind that we are visual beings. We remember 80 percent of what we see, 50 percent of what we hear and about 30 percent of what we read. As a planner, your best option of making a memorable impact is, to start with the visual, and the décor is all about what we see. Having a unique birthday party venue can be a complementary feature too, for example at a self storage in Singapore.

Here are unique birthday decorations to try out for your next celebration.

Light up the venue with paper lanterns

Many event hall rentals might already have some sort of decorative lighting set up as part of the package. However, this tends to be cliché and might go against your objective to make the event have unique and appealing visuals.

Complement the venue’s lighting with paper lanterns. They add a beautiful soft glow and ambience, illuminating your party. You can choose ready-made ones that are printed with vibrant patterns and designs, or get creative and handmade a handful of them with a group of friends. 

Use glitter to spell out a gigantic “happy birthday!” on the wall

The words “happy birthday” on any birthday event are expected and nothing new. However, seeing a huge spell-out of “Happy Birthday!” on the wall, and not just on an ordinary banner can stir curiosity and visual excitement.

Glitter is a perfect material to use for a cut-out lettering. It complements the venue’s lighting and makes a stand-out impression to anyone who catches a glimpse on it. This will add an extra special sparkle to your party. When you have special requests on the decorations in the venue, there are self-storages in Singapore that offer the flexibility for you to exercise your creativity on the interior of your event.

Stick balloons on one wall

On many occasions, balloons are typically hung at the entrance of a room. Elevate your party decoration by sticking many balloons of multiple colours and draw attention to one wall in your event space rental. You can also go with a colour theme that matches with the rest of your decoration. Instead of a conventional backdrop, this can serve as an excellent visual impact to pose in front of and take pictures with.

Use a mammoth-sized birthday card

A giant, oversized birthday card is always fun. Lay it at a strategic place at the venue for everyone to see and sign. Make the card more appealing with calligraphic writings and personal pictures of the birthday person. This makes for a unique gift that stands out from the crowd.

Décor is the best way to start generating an unforgettable experience and create a memorable birthday party event. These unique birthday decorations will get you closer to attaining that goal. If your budget priority is towards the decorations, you can always find affordable birthday party venues from the cheapest self storages in Singapore so you can save more and find the best deco for your event.

Our storage facility also provides event space rental with sizes ranging from 50 sq ft to 18,000 sq ft, which are suitable for many types of events aside from birthday parties such as small baby shower venue and Malay wedding venue. As one of the cheapest self-storages in Singapore, you can find rental rates starting from $50 to $3,697/day that can suit any budget requirements. The rental package includes basic fit-outs such as air conditioning, water supply, loading bay and parking facilities to support your event planning needs. There is also unlimited pax capacity to accommodate your guest list and 24-hour accessibility so you can easily prepare for the event on the day of.

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