Make Use Of Trendy 3D Animation To Build Brand Awareness

On average, our attention span lasts all of 8 seconds. To put things into perspective, it takes about 8 minutes to work through a 1000 word article. With this in mind, is it any wonder that the 30s explainer video is so widely celebrated?

But there are good explainer videos…and then there are great explainer videos.

And at first glance, it might look like the quality of the animation is entirely in the hands of your studio.

That’s not entirely true. As a certain politician infamous for having disproportionately small hands (Is this fake news?) might conceivably say, “Here’s how you can do your bit to make your video great again.”

1. Keep it Short and Sweet:The same advice you received when you first tried your hand at essay-writing still applies. Keep your script short and sweet. Cramming 10 pages worth of information into 60s is like throwing 20 strands of spaghetti at the wall and hoping that at least 1 strand sticks. Just choose one point to focus on and develop it well.

2. Animated characters:Sometimes, personification can go a long way towards explaining a difficult concept. For instance, a revolutionary engineering process for maximizing the yield of an industrial chemical can be (this may be a gross oversimplification) represented by a character capable of doing twice the work of another character in half the time. Pique their curiosity first. Hit them with the science later.

3. Use a Distinctive Palette:There’s no shame in using an entire spectrum of colours – but if you’re an entrepreneur fighting for mind share, this might be a good time to strengthen your brand identity. Select colours that already feature heavily in your logo and get some advice from your studio on tinting and shading the base colour to create environments that are easy on the eye. Blue-skinned humans with yellow hair can look good – if animated tastefully.

4. Music:Music is a small thing that makes a big difference. If you don’t believe us, try watching a horror movie with the sound muted. Look out for poorly-timed animation transitions or songs that don’t fit the tone of your message. A good rule of thumb – simple graphics generally allow for more auditory flourishes. Don’t try to insert too many bells and whistles into a video that’s already visually intense. Go with your gut and let your studio know if their edit doesn’t sit well with you.

5. Your Audience Comes First:Know your crowd. A light-hearted approach with 2D character animation may work for the everyday consumer, but you might want to consider a more direct approach with 3D motion graphics. Remember, procurement officers are always looking for key product features to justify a new purchase.

Similarly, a video designed to be played on a 16:9 screen may not look as good splashed across a 20-storey building. It may sometimes be necessary to produce different versions of the same video for different mediums and for different audiences.

The best part? It doesn’t always have to be exceptionally expensive to make variations. Ask around. Tell different studios about your pain points and let them make suggestions. With direct information from a video animation company in Singapore, you’ll be able to make a better decision.


Animated video production in Singapore can be summed up quite well with the phrase, “The more you know, the less you know”. But these five tips should provide you with a pretty good place to start. So sally forth – and start thinking through these things whenever you chance upon a random video on YouTube. Trust us – you’ll be grateful when it’s your turn to commission a video.

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