Several Efficient Methods To Detect Termites

Singapore, as the modern city, keeps having bed bugs and termites as their problem. Even you have a luxurious property, but it attacks by termites, there is nothing you can do — the heart’s content in buildings structures. However, the colony of termites would easily damage the building structures. You will have nothing in the end. Find Termite control singapore as soon as possible before you lose everything.

Early detection is important. Termites live in wood and soil. Singapore has dry-wood termites and subterranean termites. Hidden underground is their comfort zone to reach more foods. Their character is various like mounds that shaped like a little dome and the harmless garden termite.  When you found garden termites, you do not need to worry because they prefer to find fallen logs. Termite control would decide to treat the soil based on termites mounds. Doing pre treatment is one thing they could do to save your property.

Termite control will help you to prevent termites before the building is completed. Early detection is important to anticipate you spend much money in the future. To detect termite, here what you could do:

1. Check the wood and wooden structures

Wood is full of cellulose. It is essential for termites. If you have woods in the house, it is time to remove trellises, stumps, exterior wood, and vines. The stacked firewood needs to be removed too. Touching wooden structures and trim back the tree limbs are the initial detection to do.

2. Investigate the moisture areas

Attracted to moisture, subterranean termites make their colonies and attack your home’s foundation. Therefore, investigate the standing water around. Clean the roof gutters and ensure the drainage is free from your home. The foundation should be managed well and full of ventilation. Remove the landscaping, which allows humidity. Bring some spaces around.

3. Detect your geography

Wetter states find the difficulties in handling termites. However, Singapore has a balance of rain and sun that good for handling termites. Use the sunlight to remove termites. Take some time to remove the wet. Pull the sleeves and work hard on it. Another choice is by contacting termite control. Do not let your house get suspect of termite problems.

It is time to detect termite types. Subterranean termites in Singapore have dark brown colors. They have no wings and live underground. Their nest below the ground or above depends on the moisture. On the other hand, dry wood termites have two sets of wings. They have large mouthparts and a broad pronotum. They are greater than subterranean termite colonies. They live in wooden materials with no connection to the ground. Singapore also has Damp wood termites. They are larger than subterranean termites with a large head. They have pincers on the front. The signs of termites infestation are almost invisible. However, it does not mean you cannot check it. Try to investigate a suspect wood with a flat blade to get the hollowed, check the mud tubes on the walls, carved or honeycombed when broken, and flying termites around your home. Let termite control company helps you.

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