Some Examples To Organise A Meaningful Memorial Ceremony

When death occurs, grief follows. During the funeral service, friends and relatives of the deceased may be overwhelmed with emotions. But you can help them get through this emotionally difficult time and honour the deceased at the same time. Planning for a memorable and meaningful service can bring comfort in remembering a loved one and create lasting memories for family and friends.

Here’s how you can pay a tribute to a departed loved one with a meaningful memorial service.

1. Choice of flowers

Bring personal touches to the memorial service. It helps to reflect the unique personality and life of the person you want to honour, and this can be done in a simple way, such as including their favourite flowers in the service. Putting several jars of flowers around the space can give comfort as family and friends gather around during the event.

2. Personalize the service booklet

Most memorial service booklets are yet another opportunity to honour the deceased. You can include a collage of photos, and a brief description of the memory captured. Add a favourite poem or quote in there too. It’ll transform the booklet into a wonderful keepsake for the mourners.

3. Create a memory board

Mount a freestanding board to pin a collage of photographs and display it at the memorial service. It’s a great opportunity for family and friends to gather and share fond memories of the deceased. You can also issue cards to guests where they can write brief memories of the photos and pin them on the board.

4. Create a memory table

It works pretty much like the memory board, only that in this case you can place a table at the centre of the venue and display some of the deceased’s favourite items or items that represent different life chapters as well as accomplishments that reflect the deceased’s life. These can be in the form of memorabilia, trophies, photos, and certificates. You could also place a map with pins marking their favourite destinations or places they have travelled to before.

5. Personalise the catering

Catering could be an opportunity for you to include food choices that is influenced by the deceased’s favourite foods. Food evokes memories and emotions, and this can help some to recall particular moments shared with the deceased and kick off a few reminiscences to remember fondly.

6. Use balloons creatively

Often, one will associate balloons with an occasion to celebrate. Choose neutral colours like black or white, or even the deceased’s favourite colour, and tie photos of them to the balloon. This will create a beautiful and memorable atmosphere for the memorial service as people can witness the moments of the deceased’s lives and honour them.

When you bring personal touches to the memorial services, it can help you and your family with the healing process and honour your loved one meaningfully. You can always convey your wishes to a funeral director who can assist you in the set-up and smoothen the planning process.

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