The Cleaning & Maintenance Checklist For Property Managers

Managing the units and facilities in an office building or a residential estate is just a part of a property manager’s work. Maintaining high levels of hygiene is not only a necessity, it can also become a strategic approach to attract more stable tenants, higher rents, reduce maintenance costs and longer durability.

But with high occupancy rates, it can be a lot to manage and ensure environmental cleanliness is constantly well-maintained. With the help of commercial cleaning companies, we share a few tips on how you can rely on their office or condo cleaning services to keep your property in tip-top shape.

1. Strategise a cleaning plan

Your long-term plans for attracting tenants and keeping top tenants should involve developing a maintenance schedule for the facilities and interior of your property. Cleaning plays a part in the overall fiscal health of the premises, and ultimately, have an impact on its occupants. This can include floor maintenance to restore the condition of your floor using specialised equipment and cleaning regimens to handle different floor surfaces effectively. Your floors will not only contribute to the appearance of your property, but also improve slip resistance for your safety.

2. Arrange for deep cleaning

Flooring that is cleaned and maintained properly can last twice as long as flooring that is neglected or cleaned with unsuitable, wrong substances. The same goes for carpets, as residential and office properties have a mix of flooring. It is not enough to just vacuum and sweep; deep-cleaning of every floor types needs to be established. At the same time, stained flooring and carpet are unsightly and can reflect poorly on your building’s image.

When you engage in commercial cleaning services, these residential and office cleaning experts use the right equipment and cleaning solution to properly clean and maintain the condition of your carpeting floors. This can be done twice a year, which includes stain-removal, carpet extracting and shampooing so they can remain in good condition without costing you more to replace them in the long run.

3. Waste management

Waste management is one of the crucial prerequisites to maintaining cleanliness in your property. Accumulation of trash can lead to unsanitary conditions, bad smells and lower the hygiene levels in the surroundings. This last thing you want to deal with is pests and infestations that can infiltrate your office or apartment building. Aside from the proper collection of garbage, the garbage chutes are also required to be cleaned and sanitised to aid in rubbish collection and reduce any health risks. The condition of the chute can be maintained to prevent any problems or inefficacy in waste collection.

4. Shared facilities and common rooms

Because many tenants are coming in and out of these shared spaces and communal areas, clutter and trash can easily build up. This can be easily overlooked, so it is particularly important to keep these spaces clean. They are also one of the main spaces where tenants, guests and potential new tenants look at when they enter the building. It also ensures that everyone can have a pleasant time when using the room.

5. Landscaping

Another area that your tenants and guests will see is the landscaping of your property. As they are approaching your building, you’d want to make a good impression for the building you are managing. There are several landscaping features that will require regular maintenance such as gutter cleaning, trimming of grassy areas and ancillary works.

Maintaining and cleaning a property always seems like a hard task when there is no plan. But with adequate planning and acquisition of the right tools, the process becomes much easier to handle. Part of the plan can include hiring a commercial cleaning company to get the job done. We provide commercial and residential cleaning services in Singapore to help with your building cleaning needs. Our team of cleaning specialists deploy specialised techniques and cleaning supplies do to a broad scope of work from corridor mopping, carpark maintenance and pest control.The Cleaning & Maintenance Checklist For Property Managers

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