Top Three Things To Take Note Of As You Enter College

Are you anxious about what to expect when you join college? Your concerns are valid. Majority of new college students are anxious and tense. Nobody knows what the future holds. However, if you knew some of the things to expect before you leave home, maybe the surprise will not be as devastating as if you did not know. If you have a close friend who is in college, it can be easier to know what to expect in college. However, if you have never visited a college, and you are planning to enter soon, things can be tough for you. Below are three things you should expect to find when you join college.

Your Old Friends Won’t Be There

Everyone needs friends in order to find life interesting. If you have spent all your years in the company of your friends and they can’t join you in college, life can be tough. To overcome loneliness, it is important to start practising on how to make new friends before you leave for college. It is prudent to select your friends wisely during your first days in college because you will be stuck with them for the whole of your college life.

You will be Micromanaged

If you are used to doing things the way you want in your home, you will be in for a big surprise. In college, there is a timetable for everything which you must follow religiously. There is time to sleep, wake up and for all other activities. This is the only way colleges can ensure things are done in an orderly way and the syllabus in finished on time. However, you do not have to be tense; everyone adjusts within a few days. The most important thing to know is that everything is done for your good. If you take it as a punishment, it will be hard for you to adjust like other students.

Expect Hard Work

The main reason why you will leave your home to stay in college is to make you work harder. It is obvious that you will be expected to study more in college than you are doing. There are so many assignments and tests to keep you busy in school. You cannot afford to miss any of the lectures because the consequences can be catastrophic. To ensure that you do not drag in class, you can get tutors for the subjects you find hard to understand. It is advisable to have a single tutor for all your levels of schooling. If you want a tutor for physics, for example, you should enrol for both H1 and H2 physics tuition in Singapore. This will give you an edge over your peers. Additionally, tuition classes like physics tuitions can help you to catch up on parts of the subjects that you may have missed out.


Before you enter college, you should be prepared to expect things which are not familiar. If you know what to expect, it will be easier for you to adopt. It is, therefore, prudent to visit a college before your admission so that you won’t be over-anxious when you start studying.

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