Travel Medical Portfolio: How To Ensure It’s Comprehensive

A travel medical portfolio is a compilation of your medical profile, medical history, pre-existing conditions, and emergency contacts. Many frequent and experienced travellers have one, just in case they encounter a medical emergency during their travels. It can help medical professionals render the most suitable form of aid you could need should you be unable to communicate, it can also help medical personnel plan your medical evacuation should the need arise.

Additionally, a comprehensive travel medical portfolio allows you to relay specific and technical information such as a pre-existing medical condition, the names of essential medication that you are on, or a record of a new allergy that you may have experienced.

We’ll share all the relevant information you should include in your travel medical portfolio.

Important Details in a Travel Medical Portfolio

Medical History

This is the most vital information you should have in the portfolio. Details such as your date of birth, blood type, allergies, medication allergies, and more, are essential. Also, a history of your vaccinations should also be included.

Medical Conditions

Any pre-existing medical conditions and a history of medical conditions that you may have had. As many medical conditions are not immediately obvious, this information can help medical professionals ascertain if you could have contracted a new one or suffering from a side effect of a current condition.


If you’re on any medication, include information about the name, consumption schedules, and dosages. This information can prevent non-compatible medications from reacting to each other when help is administered.

Recent Medical Treatments

If you have gone for any medical treatments before going on your overseas trip, including non-invasive and invasive surgeries, it would be pertinent to list them down too.

Emergency Contacts

These are the contact information of people you need to inform in the event of a medical emergency. It usually consists of family members, relatives, friends, colleagues, and anyone who needs to be informed that you are receiving medical care or have been hospitalised.

Travel Medical Insurance

Your travel insurance company will probably need to be notified in case of an emergency, and their information will be of help in case you need to arrange payment for services such as an air ambulance, or if you need a family member flown to the foreign country you’re in.

The essential information mentioned above should be in your portfolio, but more information may be included, depending on the level of confidentiality you are comfortable with. In addition, you may choose to have a digital copy of your medical travel portfolio in case you lose the physical one.

Finally, update your travel medical portfolio after every trip, and share it with loved ones or people that you trust, so that they are able to relay all the necessary information to the medical professionals that are helping you.

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