Ways Modern Storage Beds Can Make Your Life Easier

For quite some time, storage beds have been the talk of the town for many Singaporeans. And so far, it has been somewhat justified. HDB units make up the majority of the residences in Singapore and most homeowners would have to work with limited floor space for everyday living, decorating and storing.

But what if there was such a way to get the most out of your space? Maximize your storage capacity by getting a storage bed frame with mattress. Here are 5 benefits that you can derive from a bed frame with storage.

1. Ensures easier and better cleaning

If you are one to do the housework and cleaning chores all by yourself, you will be familiar with the experience of picking out several of your belongings from underneath the bed. These beds can be challenging to clean as you would have to sort out and move everything from beneath your bed before you can start to clean. Moreover, some of your belongings may get lost or misplaced underneath the bed. With a storage bed, you can easily remove everything and put them into a separate storage space. Storage beds make the room neater and easier to clean.

2. Augments your closet space

One of the significant challenges of living in a small home with limited floor space is having limited storage space as well. In such situations, getting a storage bed is one of the best ways you can increase your storage space to store more items apart from the closet and drawers. By getting extra space to hold your clothes and other belongings, your living area becomes more manageable, and free for other purposes rather than storage.

3. Provides more stability for the mattress

The conventional bed without a frame provides instability issues that have been associated with unprecedented accidents in the bedroom. Often, you might find some surprising moments when the mattress support gives way while you are asleep. Not only would a storage bed frame with a memory foam mattress prove to be much more stable, but it also has firm floor support that bears the weight of even the most significant of stress during sleep time.

4. Adds style to your room

You can never run out of ideas and ways to better decorate your room and make it appear classier. A wooden bed frame with extra storage space is one of the best designs to add a touch of style to your bedroom. Not only is it an excellent alternative to the expensive and more luxurious bed designs, but they are also useful for people living in smaller houses.

5. Helps in controlling clutter

If you need to control clutter, having an extra vault in your bedroom can be an essential way of tackling this issue. You can also use the extra space during an emergency clutter control when your house isn’t entirely clear, but you still have to do thorough cleaning within the shortest time possible. While this benefit is temporary, it is incredibly convenient when you need it.


Storage bed frames with mattresses are the go-to when you are living in a house with limited floor space and even smaller storage spaces. You can choose the design that best suits your needs and give yourself the option to live clutter-free starting today!

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