Ways to Lift Up Your Living Room through Wallpapers

There are several applications of wallpapers for living rooms and houses. For example, wallpapers can help you conceal spots and other unwanted stuff on your wall. The best part about them is that they are easy to install as you can practically do it yourself. However, did you know there are different ways that you can use wallpapers in your living room?

Aside from getting wallpapers, you will also need appropriate and matching custom made curtains from Singapore. This helps to complete the look inside your house and leave guests interested every time they visit. To help you out, here are 9 creative ways to implement wallpapers in your living room.

Using it on a lampshade

In case you are done with decorating the walls and have a few pieces of your wallpaper remaining, you can apply them on your lampshade. This will blend in properly with your living room wall. It will mainly work best for a plain lampshade or one that has a faded look.

The procedure is simple. You will need to cut the wallpaper to the shape of the lampshade. Afterwards, you can use a spray adhesive to stick the resulting form on to the lampshade. The best impact is on the exterior of the shade as opposed to the interior.

Hang it as an art

Have you ever thought of using your wallpaper as ‘art’? Well, this is an excellent option for those who would want to use an exclusive wallpaper but can’t afford to put it on the entire wall. You can frame the size you want and hang it on the wall.

Alternatively, you can choose to avoid the framing and use dowels on either end so that it looks like a scroll. Either way, wallpapers make for great art.

Decorating books

You can turn all those books lying around your living room into beautiful pieces of art. Use your wallpaper to cover them on the outside and place them strategically around the living room. You can mix the wallpapers for different books, if possible, to create a more striking image.

Decoupage furniture

In case you have plain furniture or have old pieces inside your living room, you can use wallpapers to update them. This works best on pieces of furniture that do not have too many curves.

On the ceiling

You might ask: “who thought that wallpaper on the ceiling was a good idea?” If you have never given it a thought, you should. In most cases, many people ignore caps until there is a leak or something that needs repair. How about having yours stand out with the use of a creative and elegant wallpaper?

Creating a feature wall

A feature wall draws people’s attention through a striking appearance. Here, you can go either subtle or bold, depending on your preferences. You could even pair it with vinyl laminate flooring for a ravishing theme.

Installing two papers on a single wall

This means covering the top half with one type of wallpaper, and the bottom half with another. This design might need a professional for it to work, but it will ultimately look great when you are done.

Cover half of the wall

This is yet another great option. You can cover one-half of your living room wall while safely ignoring the other.

Cover the entire wall

Lastly, you can opt to use the wallpaper to cover the whole wall of your living room. This will equally leave an impressive and satisfying look to both you and your guests when they visit.

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