What Goes Down Behind A Brazilian Hair Removal Session

Are you preparing to chill out with your friends as you bask under the sun, play a game of volleyball, and grab a refreshing, cup of shaved ice?

While the thought of it does sound fantastic, you may be experiencing an uncomfortable, dampy feeling in your bottoms. If that happens to be the case, it may be a good call to go for a Brazillian hair removal session, and eliminate all sorts of discomfort straight away!

Here’s a break down on what goes behind a Brazilian hair removal session.

What exactly is Brazilian Hair Removal

Whilst body hair removal was a norm in the Middle East, it was primarily a hygiene practice.

Body hair removal due to aesthetic reasons only started when the bikinis in Brazil got smaller in the 70s and 80s. With more skin exposure, women began waxing almost all of their pubic regions to attain smooth and clear skin.

When you opt for the Brazilian hair removal, this translates to the removal of hair in the front, back and everything in between. Whilst you can go fully bare, you can also opt to leave a little bit of hair.

There’s the Brazilian landing strip, which leaves a neat vertical line at the front. Another popular variation is a neatly trimmed hair left in a triangular shape, also called the Brazilian triangle.

The pain intensity

Compared to the Brazilian wax that will painfully rip the hair follicles out, we use an advanced technology that ensures your comfort is guaranteed.

The Super Hair Removal (SHR) treatment is a laser hair removal procedure that caters to all your needs, even for sensitive areas such as your mon pubis.

Furthermore, we have a unique gel that possesses cooling properties that ensures that the process is a painless one. Our Princess Gel also contains moisturizing and whitening properties, which is always a great plus!

All that goes behind a Brazilian Hair Removal

Before you get your pubic hairs lasered off, you will have to shave the area anywhere from 1 or 2 days before your appointment.

This makes it easier for the laser to target your hair roots. We will then apply the Princess Gel™ and the hair removal will start thereafter.

Since SHR is able to deliver fast and accurate shots, the session will last approximately 20 minutes and you’re good to go!

What do you do after

The first time will definitely be an interesting experience. Since the body isn’t used to the treatment, the area may feel slightly sore or bruised. Sometimes, scabbing and redness may even occur but these side effects will only last for a few days at most.

You may even notice that your hairs will try to pop out within the first few days after the treatment. Whilst you have the itch to remove them yourself, avoid doing so as your skin is still very much irritated.

This also means less sweating and beauty products such as lotions, that can further aggravate your skin.

In just a few days, you’d notice that not only will your hair strands appear thinner and finer than usual, they will also come out less often. This means less maintenance and a well-kept pubic area! So, don’t wait any longer and try the hair removal session out of yourself!

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