What To Look For In Your Mattress For Better Stay-at-Home’s

It is true that people spend one-third of our entire lives in bed, but by choosing the right mattress, you can ensure that the time spent is one of essential rest and sleep! As individuals, acquiring your desired rest and sleep allows you to feel reinvigorated for the next day, allowing you to spend more quality time with your loved ones on the whole.

In this busy day and age, and especially in current times where people are encouraged on social distancing, staying at home and spending quality time with family has proven to be more critical than ever.

If you’re looking for a new quality mattress, here are 3 essential tips to help you choose the ideal mattress for a good night’s sleep.

1. Check for health conditions

One of the most critical parts in purchasing the right mattress is to ensure that it can aid your health condition. If you have a back or neck condition, mattresses such as the Chiro series assures that your health problems do not aggravate further. Instead, the Chiro series mattresses offer additional benefits such as cooling technology and the ability to increase blood flow through its high-density foam encasement. Consider your partner’s conditions too, so both of you can benefit from the mattress together.

The ideal mattress they play a pivotal role in ensuring a good night’s sleep. Tiredness and lack of energy can not only affect your ability to perform everyday activities, but also affect family life and relationships when you’re not able to dedicate time and effort for them.

2. Consider stress

Do you feel that when you hit the bed at night, you will find immense difficulty in sleeping? That’s because stress plays a significant part in the way you sleep and is often one of the primary causes of sleep deprivation. A study back in 2009 showed that when individuals slept on a new mattress set-up, there was an increase in sleep quality and a sharp decline in the pain associated with their previous mattress. It was reported that the new beds showed a significant decrease in stress.

If stress isn’t properly addressed, it can have an impact on mood levels and affect the time you enjoy with your family. Stress also affects your physical and mental health, placing additional strain on your relationships. And a good way to tackle that is with a comfortable cooling memory foam mattress. The Detense ArcticSilk series feature cooling technology to help absorb natural body heat on the surface for a more comfortable rest. With its gel-infused memory foam, you can sleep cooler and promote increased blood circulation for your body. When you sleep better, you can wake up feeling energised and be in a better mood to spend the day with your loved ones.

3. Mattress support

Did you know that snoring can be caused by an inadequate amount of support given by your mattress? You might be surprised to know that due to having insufficient support for your spine and your head, it can cause increased snoring at night. The best advice possible is to change your mattress every 6 to 8 years but changing to one with the right amount of firmness. Choosing the appropriate firmness level ensures that you won’t develop problems such as back pain when you sleep.

If you are a snorer, there are optimal mattresses that you can choose to help you out greatly. The Luxury series offer a mini-pocketed springs structure to increase comfort, and provide lumbar and body contour support. The mattresses also have high-density foam wraps which increases the sleep surface, enabling you to sleep towards the edge without “rolling off”. This is especially useful when you are spending time in bed with your partner and little ones, so there is sufficient space for everyone.


Choosing the right mattress can come with many additional benefits, such as the Chiro Optima, where its hybrid latex sheet shows versatility in awarding both you and your partner a good night’s sleep. With the right levels of comfort and rest, you’ll feel relieved from any stress and fatigue, and more energised as you get to spend quality time at home with your loved ones!

Our mattresses come in various sizes, from super single to king, so you can be sure to find the right one for your any type of beds, such as storage bed frames. We also provide hotel mattresses with our Hospitality Collection to resorts and hotels, so we certainly know a thing or two about ensuring sleep comfort and quality.

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